New in May 2016

May 24, 2016

Summer is officially on our doorstep and everyone at Shiro’s is excited for the continuous supply of seasonal seafood from local waters and from Japan’s famed Tsukiji Market. We’re also thrilled to welcome Chef Joe to our team of sushi chefs!

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Our Fish

Shiro's Smoked Salmon ImageSalmon – Salmon season is in full swing and our salmon nigiri is always popular. Our house smoked salmon is also a definite palate pleaser and a great way to enjoy the fish. We smoke salmon over straws in our kitchen and serve it with grated mountain yam, onions and ponzu sauce!

Amaebi ImageAmaebi (live sweet prawn) – Best served raw, amaebi are most enjoyed early in their life cycle when they are sweetest. Their sustainable status also makes them a win-win for enjoying at our sushi counter.

Tsubugai ImageTsubugai (sea snails) – Very rare, we are lucky enough to get in these highly coveted sea snails, or whelk, from Hokkaid0, Japan. Offering a distinctive crunchiness and refreshing taste, it is also high in protein and full of Omega3.

New Sushi Chef – Eiichi “Joe” Sato

eiichi-may2016-webHelp us welcome Chef Joe to the sushi counter and kitchen at Shiro’s. Chef Joe was born and raised in Tokyo where he gained the skills to be an authentic Japanese cuisine chef in traditional and sushi restaurants. He managed the Japanese Culinary Division of the Pan Pacific Hotel as a head chef in Vancouver, BC before moving to the U.S. 10 years ago where he further refined his sushi making skills at I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue. We are certain that his warm personality, global experience and excellent sushi skills will fit right at home at Shiro’s and with you, our guests.

Seasonal Sake

Onikoroshi Sake ImageOnikoroshi from Shizuoka is our seasonal Junmai sake at Shiro’s, only available until mid-June. Translated as “Demon Slayer,” this undiluted, smooth sake is a mix of berries and green plums, with hints of cinnamon and steamed rice. Rich and creamy with a gentle nose, its balanced appeal makes it extremely food-friendly and perfect for enjoying with our sushi and tempura.

Sushi Rice

Shiro's Sushi Rice ImageAt Shiro’s, the rice is just as important as the fish! Edomae style sushi is all about the delicate balance of fish and rice, which is why our sushi rice is seasoned with our signature ratio of rice vinegar, sugar and salt, each curated by our chefs. For example, instead of simple white rice vinegar that is commonly used, we blend red and white vinegar to round out the taste, producing umami! We also serve our rice slightly warm to capture the contrast with the cold fish and the texture of the rice in each bite. It all creates more complex flavors and tastier sushi as a whole!

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