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August 22, 2016

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We always serve the best fish from the Japanese fish markets and from our local waters. Late summer is a particularly abundant time for local salmon, tuna, smelt and more! Pair these or a wide variety of Japanese dishes with our diverse seasonal sake – katana. We also invite you to try your hand at our Albacore Tataki, a favorite recipe that Chef Yasu shared with The Seattle Times.

Our Fish

Shimaaji ImageShima-aji (Trevally) – Directly translated as “Island horse mackerel,” this fish has earned its name because it is abundantly found in the Izu island chain of Japan. It is part of the Jack and horse mackerel family and considered to be one of the most desired fish of the season. Its firm texture gives way to a surprisingly smooth freshness.

Smelt ImageSmelt (Ocean Smelt) – From local waters, the muted flavor of Ocean Smelt is best adopted to what it’s prepared with. Our chefs serve it with soy-lemon, grated fresh ginger and finely chopped green onion. You may also find it deep-fried and finished with a little sea salt. Sustainable and with little waste – enjoy this fish from head to tail!


Dobinmushi ImageA seasonal soup prepared in a dobin (clay pot or kettle) with a katsuo dashi base featuring highly prized matsutake mushrooms. A luxury ingredient in Japan, we take the matsutake with whitefish, shrimp, fishcake and mitsuba leaf to create this wonderfully fragrant soup. We finish it with a lime wedge (in Japan, it’s served with sudachi, a citrus unavailable here).

Seasonal Sake

Katana Sake ImageKatana – Our seasonal sake is from Shizuoka and simply means “Japanese Sword.” An award-winning junmai ginjo sake with notes of creamed cereal, yam, coconut milk and spiced papaya. Silky and extra dry, yet fruity, it presents a tangy, tropical citrus and radish accented finish that gives a wonderful range of pairing with the many broad flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Recipe Alert

Chef Yasu ImageChef Yasu shared his recipe for capturing one of summer’s most popular fish – albacore tuna! Find his recipe for Albacore Tataki in The Seattle Times.

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